My experience with Purely Loved Organics has been outstanding! I needed somewhere to get my new daughter's high quality formula but was nervous about trying other websites with little history or verification. I noticed PLO was located near me so decided to contact them about picking up an order in person. The owner took time out of her day to drive and meet me and explain the new formula to me. Couldn't be happier. After this first great experience I have placed an online order and the shipping time and product was again fantastic! I highly recommend Purely Loved Organics!     Cameron, WA


I wanted to thank Purely Loved Organics for the best customer service I've had online EVER. I had some questions and being a mom you need to know the answer asap and they had an answer within in a few moments. I'm not great with being on the web but when I hopped onto there website it was so easy to navigate through. I wasn't 100% sure on the formula I needed but the information provided next to all the formulas was very helpful. I highly recommend Purely Loved Organics to any mom. The 1 day priority mail is a plus too if you live in Washington. Thanks again for all your help and prompt response.
Thank you,


Being a first time mom, I wanted the best formula available for my son. The owner of Purely Loved Organics provided me with all the information on why the Holle brand was the healthiest choice! I am so happy with the product! Purely Loved Organics was so quick with responses to my questions and since I lived in their area, I was able to get my formula immediately! I would recommend this company to all parents out there looking for an easy, smooth transaction!    Jenny, WA


I'm so happy I stumbled across your website. I was hesitate to order at first, but your quick response to my email put me at ease. Shipping was fast and you clearly took the time to package the box so it wouldn't be damaged when being shipped to me. Thank you for the great service!    Michelle, NC


I was very pleased with my order from Purely Loved Organics. Not only did Mary answer my initial product questions incredibly quickly, but we had a time sensitive order and she did all she could to ensure we got our formula on-time prior to our trip. I so appreciated her excellent customer service and top-notch communication. Looking forward to many more orders with Purely Loved Organics. Thank you!    Kellee, WA


I stumbled on your site, while reading a myriad of blog pages on safe organic milk for my baby. I honestly do not know from which site I landed on your website. I was apprehensive at first to order, but I took a chance. I cannot thank you enough for making it very simple to order and making this product available in the US.  Thank you for your very prompt shipping. I want to thank you for being very prompt and fast. The delivery time exceeded my expectation (though it was USPS!). The packaging met my expectations, I am very satisfied. Thanks again!     Ajay, NC


Just arrived. Great packaging, fast shipping. Thank you for the timely responses and we'll be coming back.   Jeff, MI


Purely loved organics has been great! My daughter loves the formula and it agrees with her system! We tried all kinds of Formula from the U.S. And nothing agreed with her. I always get my shipments promptly and at an affordable price! So glad I found this company.   Sara, WA


I'm so grateful I found Purely Loved Organics. This family is doing a huge service to these babies in the States who deserve easy access to better ingredients. I read Mary's journey that led her to Holle and it so perfectly matched my own struggle that I could've cried. 
Every order has been perfect and exactly as described. It's always shipped out ridiculously fast. I can't thank them enough.  ~Shawna, CA