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On Saturday We Wear Pajamas

On Saturday we wear pajamas; sometimes for the whole day.  After a long week of work and school we love to stay cozy in comfy organic cotton pajamas.  Comfort is our number one priority but cute patterns is a close second.  This past Saturday was no exception, the kiddos played all day in their Wilson & Frenchy pajamas from Purely Loved Organics.   They built blocks, played with trains, and snacked on adorable cookies from Jenny's Cookie Bakeshop.  

For awhile now I have been eyeing the cute patterns of Wilson & Frenchy's adorable pajamas and let me tell you they do not disappoint.  My sweet Henry was so excited to wear his new jams and it took some convincing to get him to take them off when it was time to venture away from home. 

Purely Loved Organics is a local retailer of Wilson & Frenchy and the service did not disappoint.  The pajamas arrived within 2 days of ordering.  Each pair of pajamas was packed with care and arrived in a soft cotton bag. 

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